Show yourself our mother.
He who finds me will have life.
Heart most similar to Jesus,
Pray for us.
Bouasse Lebel, 787B
The Treasures of the Holy Heart of Mary.
Bouasse Lebel 108

Holy Heart of Mary, Furnace of the hearts of love, Pray for us. Mon. Bouasse Lebel
Treasury of Tenderness
that always overflows and never runs dry.
Bouasse Jeune 126
Treasure of tenderness 
which always overflows and never runs out.
Bouasse Jeune 1030

O HOW BEAUTIFUL IS MARY Her heart is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Bouasse Lebel 674
I rest in peace in the heart of Mary.
Treasures of the Heart of Mary 
Consider the beauties of Mary's heart, 
and see if you will ever be able to refuse her your love. 
Sweet Heart of Mary
My Jesus comes.  He is all mine.
O my mother, impart to my heart
the disposition with which thou didst receive Him.
Turgis, Paris
Holy Heart of Mary, Our Model
Bouasse Lebel
Like these flowers, O, Holy Virgin, make my heart expand under the your sweet influence.

Regnault, Paris
To love... to suffer... to die... in union with Mary.
Life of Union With Mary
I will take no action except in union with Mary.
Brilliant flower of the celestial flowerbed,
You who Jesus made queen of His heart:
Pour still your fragrance upon the earth,
Open to us in part the dwelling of happiness.

Gentle Mother ~ Richard Carney